Julián Enrique PAEZ VALDEZ

Le rôle des médias en ligne dans la construction d’un imaginaire de paix ou de violence. Etude comparative entre le processus de paix en Colombie et les problèmes de terrorisme en France.
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Doctoral School : Arts & Médias
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The media coverage of information in the digital public sphere is a phenomenon that helps explain how public opinion is shaped in society. This research project seeks to understand the role of digital media in the construction of a collective imaginary of peace or violence, based on a comparative study between the Colombian peace process and the France terrorism problems.
The use of research methods based exclusively on digital data (digital methods) allows not only a quantitative analysis of the corpus (websites, tweets), but also a representation of the collective worldview in very large populations. The diachronic analysis of these digital traces, created over time, will also allow to understand the modalities of constitution of this imaginary. The anteriority of this phenomenon in Colombia, and particularly the gradual transition from an imaginary of violence to one of peace, might be useful to understand the path in France.