Tomography of India Ocean and Continent by waveform Inversion
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Research Unit : IPGP/Seismologie
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The origin of mantle plumes, whose surface signature is the hotspot, their geodynamic role is still a challenge in Earth science. In the first order, seismic and volcanic activities are well explained by plate tectonics; on the other hand, the origin and evaluation of the mantle plumes can not be explained by the plates tectonic. The birth, evolution and death of mantle plumes play a fundamental role in the biological life of the earth. The island of la Réunion is one of the largest hot spot of the Earth, born of several active volcanoes on the Earth about 65Ma ago, it may be at the origin of the disappearance of dinausors and the creation of the Deccan volcanic traps in India.

The objective of this thesis is to set up a high-resolution tomography model, in order to follow the evolution of the mantle plume (main land machine) from the ocean to the Indian continent, and to better understand other geological structures.
We will implement an innovative method based on the seismic full waveform inversion, on the particular seismic dataset from the French-German project RHUM-RUM.