Vo Hong Minh PHAN

CRIME: Cosmic Ray Interactions in Molecular Environments
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Research Unit : APC - Astroparticule et Cosmologie
Thesis Description :

My thesis focus on the propagation of super-energetic particles known as cosmic rays.

They are just heavy nuclei, protons, and electrons, but these particles were accelerated (by some mysterious sources still unknown) up to very high energy that they move with almost the speed of light. More importantly, it is believed that cosmic rays affect the dynamics of many different processes in the Galaxy, especially the formation of new stars. Unfortunately, the propagation of these particles involves highly complex nonlinear effects in Plasma Physics which partially prevents us from understanding how stars are born.

The aim of this thesis is to better understand how cosmic rays transport in the Galaxy by means of analytical and simulational modelling to help pave the way for future research in star formation.